A beginning!

Friends and patriots scattered across the world. I am starting this blog in the attempt to awaken the minds of all people everywhere to return to that which is just. I am attempting to bring about a change in the hearts of some even many who even at this time are caught within the hellish grasp of extremist thinking and extremist actions. This is not a call to decry jihadists alone but to all people everywhere who are narrow in their thinking and hateful in their actions. This is a call to all people of all nations, tongues, sects, parties, denominations, ideologies, and philosophies to cease the bickering and hate spewed from the mouths of extremist thinking just as bile spews from the mouth of a sick man.

My fellow members of the human family and, more specifically, my fellow Americans where are we? We are in a state of fear distrusting one another hating and backbiting we are corrupting ourselves from the inside. In my favorite fantasy series The Wheel of Time there is an ancient and ruined city called Shadar Logoth. This place and all its inhabitants were utterly destroyed. They were not however destroyed by an outside force but from within. They distrusted each other hated each other. This was the ultimate demise not only of that city but of the whole of the nation. We my fellow Americans and my friends of the human family are in a very similar albeit less fantastic situation. We are divided as Americans on party lines. We are divided against each other based upon lines of religious affiliation or lack thereof. We are divided along lines of high schools, sports affiliations, philosophies, ideologies, and we are even so petty as to create our own caste system in our mind that the group that we associate with is the elite group and all that comes from the mouth of this group is the way that the problem must be solved. That is until we disagree with a member of our caste and then it ultimately comes down to the fact that we are the soul authority on everything and that we are incapable of being wrong. This is death. Yes this way of thinking is death to a nation and to individuals. This is the great destroyer of people this sense of being absolutely correct in all things and distrusting any opposition and attempting to label them as “freaks”, “psychos”, “sheep”, “fools”, “ignorant”, and “uneducated” to name but a few. We are dividing ourselves and “A house divided against itself cannot stand” (Abraham Lincoln). We my friends are fractured and broken and are warring against ourselves not usually with shot and powder but with words. In the word of Jesus Christ,
“But those things which proceed out of the mouth come forth from the heart; and they defile the man .For out of the heart proceed evil thoughts, murders, adulteries, fornications, thefts, false witness, blasphemies:” (Mat. 15:18-19)
Yes I am asserting that from these words there may come a time when blood, fire, lead, and steel may come together in a clash of the same proportions that was seen in the days of Lincoln. We have seen the most extreme act upon these corruptions of the heart and try to forcibly silence their opponents. We must not allow this to happen any longer. We must return we must change our hearts from the corrupt state that they are in and remember that above all else we are people and must be loyal to each other and do our best to protect each other, second we must be loyal to our families and protect them above all else, third we are loyal to our nation and our religious group and all other affiliations they are equal in my mind for no true and upright government would circumvent the rights of any people to believe a certain way and no group would allow their followers to bring down an institution of government that is supporting the rights of all people to their inalienable rights of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. I am in support of fixing any institution that does not abide by its end of the social contract first by peaceable convincing and lastly by forcible coercion if fixing the problem peaceably is no longer a feasible option. This however will be discussed at some later date.

The purpose of this blog is to bring about a change and shift priorities back to what they should be and heal the wounds that are bleeding terribly. Each day I will post either a commentary on a news article that I believe is most pressing or I shall post a commentary on and idea that I believe is skewed and define it as I believe it should be so that my commentary makes more sense so that we all can work together to bring about this great and marvelous change.

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